AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
DIRECTV installed service in someone else’s house and realize it was a mistake gave me money back AT&T took that money back out of my account was $700 to keep my account I had to pay more money to Anchorage office since I was barred from the seller office after I pay the bill in full they Spending my account and continue to charge me another $459.12 for a suspended service since I pay the bill so if I don’t pay the bill on the first of next month they’re going to just ruined my credit even further when I once had excellent credit I no longer have I guess is this is Rod‘s cold as the military discount the screw us veterans for thousands of dollars now they have to let Tronic device it was sent to the White House with a four page letter explaining what is on the electron it device they try to protect themselves and their associates are trying to destroy the evidence that was sent in Norfolk Virginia the Quantico to be deciphered and they came to my house kept me your conscience for three days and went through all those records to get all those original documents they beat me up black and blue stab me And cut me up it’s not the first time AT&T is done this this is the third time many thousands of dollars they’ve taken from me only during the winter months when it was too cold for Alaskan vandals And assault me when I was sleeping they never confront me when I’m awake this is why hospitals falsified records to guarantee convictions to protect those who raped me they rate me to get the DNA evidence they needed to five file lawsuits in court for more money from me so AT&T protected everybody who did damages to me or so they thought Quantico figured out what they did and who they protected after this date we still trying to recover and I have to pay the $459.12 by the first of next month or they’re going to damage my credit even further which will make sure that I can’t get into a house and I can continue to stay in the streets when I was at their office I brought my bank statement with me showing the DIRECTV gave me my money back which was $700 AT&T took Lori assistant manager at AT&T told me if I want the money to sue them now they want $459.12 for all of them months of suspended service they wouldn’t allow me to use my phone so I had to talk to my bank to get the money to pay them now they want more of my money because I know they stole it from me by suspending my service I have all the documentation

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Standard deformation of character mental anguish mental assault should be 10 times the amount what they owe me I’m not allowed to go back to the store ever they portrayed me as a threat to their business and actually there is a threat to my life

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