Comcast Claim for Compensation

Comcast Claim for Compensation

What Comcast did:
Comcast is forcing me to pay for unlimited date starting in February or pay 10.00 per 50gigbytes over 1.2 terabytes not to exceed 100.00 per month. I recently returned their motem and punchased my own to sabe rentalbfees now they want and extra 30.00 per month for unlimited data. My issue with this situation is they are creating a monopoly in my are and have had this monopoly since I have been a customer for the last twelve years. You see where I live if try to use a different provider they cannot keep up with com cast speeds in any way shape or form no fios is avaiable here so you can either accept 2 to 6 mbps speed with the 2 or three competitors of Comcast and pay reasonable rates or get good speeds up to 1 gig per second and a ever changing ungodly cost. We are forced to pay a 10.oo a month local sport fee and you cannot chose to black those channels out to avoid that fee.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I want Comcast to be forced to to share the playing feild with a comperable company that can offer similar speeds in all areas that Comcast is offered so competition on customer rates can be in the best interest of the customer.

Submitted by: Anonymous Comcast customer in Plymouth | Read more Comcast complaints

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