KeyBank Bad Customer Support

KeyBank Bad Customer Support

What KeyBank did:
Given Miss information by phone and Bank representative stolen money constantly every month ridiculous overdraft fees Fraud and investigating Give provisional credit and when you turn in the info that is proper to them they take it back which overdraft your account anyway Letting bogus checks go through During a fraud investigation process locking the account But also Charging ridiculous Overdraft fees when the account is supposed to be locked so nothing comes in nothing goes out But they charge their fees anyway even while investigating Purposely letting online transactions go through Even if you don’t have money in the account and then they purposely overdraw you instead of just declining your card And all this is a every month occurrence Taking government benefits Of an SSI check Very rude and unalterable Branch staff As well as phone staff that does not know what they are doing they give customers wrong information when they call and Question them about certain aspects of their account and when given the wrong information once The branch itself finds out something is wrong they try to make the customer Payback When it is not the customer’s responsibility especially when the customer has called multiple times to ask about a certain situation and was told the bank account is fine or it is okay They’ve also been charging a ridiculous amount of transfer fees which as of lately Bank or not supposed to be charging transfer fees for anything right now Also letting mobile deposits go through of duplicate checks and then try to make the Account holders responsible when it is their screw up Because the system should automatically realize a duplicate check and not let it go through at all Plus as of recently taking Stimulus money and putting an account in the negative when The Other account holder has nothing to do with the negative balance

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