Frontier Communications Claim for Compensation

Frontier Communications Claim for Compensation

What Frontier Communications did:
I’ve lived in this trailer park for 16 years. Everytime it rains the phone and internet goes out for 7 days or until a frontier tec comes out to fix the problem which is a tube type metal box that’s been cracked for years and water gets in it and it shorts out service I’m so frustrated at this problem that I’ve decided to change to spectrum frontier could of replaced the cover of the box years ago but I guess they dont care about their customers from now on frontier will be considered a four letter word and will never be spoken about ever again in this trailer again this is the worst company in the history of america and needs to go back to the third world country they came from because they do not belong In america

Submitted by: Anonymous Frontier Communications customer in Yucaipa | Read more Frontier Communications complaints

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