T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
I filled out a survey for T-Mobile at the end I was given a variety of gifts to choose from. They all had a shipping and handling fee. I chose the wireless ear buds and the shipping cost read $0.00. Great I thought to myself. Then it came to enter my information name address where to ship them. I filled it in then it asked for a $9.95 shipping cost. Why did all the other objects have a clear amount up front for shipping except the ear buds. Like I said they had no amount listed untill I filled in my information. So I called their customer service number and explained the situation to the person who answered my call. He told me it is in the terms and policy . No it is not I said and asked to speak to a supervisor.
The guy would not put a supervisor on the line and argued with me that to read the terms and policy which I had done before I called. He would not do as I asked and continued to repeat himself about the terms and policy. I told him I didn’t think he understood my issue and I need to speak to some one else. He flat out refused and I don’t think I was treated fairly and that the zero shipping give a false sense of security. Can some one help me I was not given any chance what so ever to get my issue resolved and I was spoken to as if I was stupid and I was wrong. I’m so upset I’m shaking . I would like them to pay me $5,000 for treating me as though I were a idiot.This took place today 1/31/2021 at or near 2:45 pm. I lost no money but they have a.false statement when it came to the shipping amount. I know it said $0.00 because I read it over 5 times to be sure I was see and reading correctly. I’m asking for punitive damages I’m 64 years old and to go through that call with t mobile it got me so upset my stomach Ulster began to bleed and it is very painfully. Stress makes that happen and this small I thought was small turned into a verbal altercation with a employee o f T mobile.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I want T mobile to pay me for the way I was treated and the physical pain from my bleeding Ulster. He just had to put a supervisor on the line but treated as though I did not know how to read the terms and policy . is that the way T mobile helps customers. By throwing the issue on term and policy. I’m so upset I will file in small claims if I don’t get what I’m asking

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