Wells Fargo Claim for Compensation

Wells Fargo Claim for Compensation

What Wells Fargo did:
I’ve experience identity theft since 2012.. and every time I tried to open a Wells Fargo account, it ended up being close the next day. So I eventually opened identity theft case with them and I guess it was settled. I opened up an account and it only stayed opened 3 days. I deposited my payroll check to my account and it returned. And they closed my account. I had already given my job my account info and they closed my account because of one issue. Last year in 2020 I opened up an account and it was closed again. And was told because it was because of that issue wasn’t resolved

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Remove the accounts I didn’t create and let me be able to bank with them again

Submitted by: Anonymous Wells Fargo customer in Gulfport | Read more Wells Fargo complaints

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