AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
I have a prepaid At&t acct. Its unlimited talk text and data. On December 23rd i had to change numbers and checking acct info for auto pay. It was completed at the corporate store inside the Cumberland Mall in Vineland, NJ 08360 a few days before my plan was to renew for the new bill cycle. The associate helped me set up the new auto pay with the checking acct info, deactivate the old number from the old checking acct. and verified the changes had successfully been processed. On 12/31 the old acct was charged for the old number. Ive tried to correct this with at&t but they give me excuse after excuse, refusing to get a supervisor. Ive been called a liar, told its not their problem, hung up on. The last time i called on 2/3 the rep forgot to mute herself while asking her co-worker to deal with this. A guy got on, I said I heard her and didnt believe he was a supervisor. He tried convincing me she had brought him in via conference call with us. I asked how? I was never put on hold to connect the 3rd party and she would have been in the “conference call” which she was not. I could hear her in the background talking to someone else. I suggested he was just another rep and they swapped headsets. Could not hear me, nor did she respond. The man refused to give his name or rep number. Now this was the third rep in one call and not one of them was willing to do anything but make excuses about why its my fault im being charged for an acct that was closed 2½ months ago. The original rep on this particular call started by blaming me, i stopped him and said if you can help me then please do otherwise i want to talk with someone that can. He told me point blank “i can fix this for you”. I asked if its that easy why do you guys keep giving me the run around and charging me for an account that no longer exists? He said, i could fix this, but im gonna transfer you to another dept, put me on hold and thats when the previously described situation occurred. Ive been called a liar, told it never happened, its my problem, its my fault, mocked, hung up on, left on hold, and had one rep yell “la la la la la la” while pressing keys on the dial pad like he was making music. It was so loud my mother could hear him on the other side of the room. This isnt the first time either. A few years ago they changed my unlimited plan to a limited one without approval. When i unknowingly went over that limit they automatically charged me for more time. I contacted them the rep “fixed it” by changing my plan back to unlimited. Charging me the full month rate instead of prorated amount for the remainder of the that billing cycle and did not credit me for the amount i was already charged. There was a period of time in which every month i was being over charged via autopay magically switching OFF without approval or notification. This would cause my plan not to renew and Id have to contact them. My only option would be to make a full payment to have service reinstated because of course the reduced rate only applies to active accts set up on auto pay. A couple times they did wave the fee. Id make sure the auto pay was active before ending the call but one month later have the exact same thing happen. The discount has changed over time but thats $10-$15 more every month. Theyve charged about $200 extra between double billing and fees incurred because of account changes they made WITHOUT authorization or even notifying me. I used to work as a CNA Per-diem. My phone was the only method i had to access open positions on my companies web site or for my liaison to call/text me work orders. I missed out on alot of work because of this which made it appear i wasnt meeting the availability i gave my employment agent. Being available AND reachable is absolutely necessary as a per-diem employee. Without it your name drops to the bottom of the list making it very difficult to find steady work.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I feel i should be compensated for the stress and aggravation caused by this companies deliberately nefarious business practices.

Submitted by: Anonymous AT&T customer in Millville | Read more AT&T complaints

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