Verizon Fios Claim for Compensation

Verizon Fios Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Fios did:
My issue is actually with EarthLink who’s under Verizon I ordered internet through them and Verizon technicians came to do the install first off the tech was alright talking to her coworker at his driver side window inches away from him without a mask but refused to come into my house to do whatever was needed neither me nor my child would’ve been within a 6 feet distance she didn’t honestly need me to open or close the door so I told her to leave and I was cancelling the service well at $21.70 charge was taken from my account for the service/equipment I immediately called to cancel and be refunded my funds just to be told I can’t be refunded cause it was supposedly for shipping well I never received a modem and the whole situation yesterday wasn’t what was initially explained to me via phone rep and if the equipment didn’t come before or with the tech I don’t understand why a tech was needed or why I can’t be refunded my money during these times most of us don’t have money to throw away and no it’s not a serious amount of money but it’s mine and I have nothing to show for it

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