Chase Bank Claim for Compensation

Chase Bank Claim for Compensation

What Chase Bank did:
They closed my Account because I took some of my money out of my Account a few months later they sent a letter saying I could open an Account again with them this was 2014 I open an Account with them in December 2020 February 2 2021 they close my Account again for no reason they said I filed a Claim but I didn’t that was supposed to have been why they closed my Account this time then February 3 2021 I talk to a Supervisor she tell me they closed it because I had an Account with them in 2014 but I didn’t do anything fraudulent to my Account 2014 nor the Account I open up in December 2020 and now I got to change my Retirement check somewhere else thank you

Submitted by: Anonymous Chase Bank customer in Los Angels | Read more Chase Bank complaints

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