Hertz Rent A Car Lied About the Price

Hertz Rent A Car Lied About the Price

What Hertz Rent A Car did:
While at my home Florida, I found a very low online Kayak rate (nearly free) for weekend Hertz rentals in Lyon, France where I am now spending several months with my family. I made 28 weekend reservations. They honored the first three reservations but then someone from Hertz Ireland (?) called to tell me that since the low rate was due to a glitch in the system they would not honor the rest of my reservations and the rate would be hundreds of euros more.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
If they offered me a low but not free rate I would understand and pay it—maybe 30-40€ per weekend. But they did not offer me any break at all and I was counting on those reservations for shopping, errands, etc.

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