Suddenlink Claim for Compensation

Suddenlink Claim for Compensation

What Suddenlink did:
we signed up for $86/ month cable/ internet. we were told it was a 2 year contract. their box never worked correctly, we had 3 boxes in the first year and finally just dealt with not being able to do everything we paid for. within the first year despite no change of devices or services our bill was up to $159/ month. I called to complain and they said we “went over on internet” despite not being home using anything for the month. so I told him when our contract runs out just shut it off. our bill within the 2nd year was up to $258/ month. I called to see when our contract runs out to tell them to shut it off because we rarely use the cable anyway. they told us we were lied to about the contract that we were never under contract but to shut it off we had to pay 2 bills because they “bill a month in advance. they wouldn’t listen when i stated that if they bill a month in advance that means that I’ve already paid for the next month so we should be good. when they continued to argue I asked to speak to his boss at which time he said his boss was busy and he’d have him call me back and no call ever came. finally I decided to just ruin my credit and have them shut me off but despite being shut off for over a month the $258/ month bills keep coming.

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