AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
I was suppose have gotten a free iPhone 11 when I sign a 2 year contract & full coverage insurance. I was told that I would be billed for the first 3 months and than credit back the 3 months and no longer charged. That did not happen I had to keep calling because the insurance was not ever applied to the cellular phone, I did receive the credit and was told they knew nothing about a free iPhone 11 for a 2 year contract but when I was calling to get my insurance correction AT&T’s knew about the free cell phone. I have been fighting with that problem taking countless times out my day calling AT&T & being send all around to different departments agents to get matter taking care of. Wait late me back up because I have called several times about me not able to use my phone in my house. I was given the run around about that & promised credit to my bill & told that they was working Oh and the tower in my area and the closest one to me was about 13 to 16 miles away. It was so bad that I had an emergency where my father had a stroke and I had to use someone else’s phone to call 911 because I didn’t have no service in my house Nearly almost causing the loss of my father. To this day I blame att that my father in up with seizures because we could not get help fast enough because I didn’t have any service and had to use someone else phone. Now back to the iPhone 11 charges. Now they claim they would credit my account the amount of $997 I never seen this credit they said they applied it to a cell phone I had paid for already. Now I am being charged for the cell phone & late fees waiting on the credit to be applied & being charged late fees & extra charges. I added another cell phone to my line that was suppose to have $300 of the price of the cell phone bring the cellular phone price to $580 I never received this promotion & to top off the cell phone was not working correctly wouldn’t hold a call at all. I told att about the problem they send me another cellular phone I send the cell phone back that was working to att they waited 3 months to say they never received the cellular phone. Now by this time it’s to late to really track the cellular phone because it has been a 120 days and the information has dropped out the system. But it was there label I used so I am upset because I am not understanding why they waited so long & why they can’t track they label tracking number. Now I am fighting with att making every attempt to get this corrected my cell phone bill is $2000 because I am being charged late fees plus the cost of the missing cellular phone & regular charges. I have received no credits I was suppose to be receiving plus they going to come up with you never had a 0 balance but I never received the credit I was promised & on top of that they charging late fees on top of the credit I was suppose to be receiving.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Because of my service not working in my house and still have problems with it working in my house & calling server times staying on the phone for hours & almost not able to get help for my father when he had a stroke I feel they need to fix this problem Encompassing me for all the hell they put me through

Submitted by: Anonymous AT&T customer in Houston | Read more AT&T complaints

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