Mastercard Bad Customer Support

Mastercard Bad Customer Support

What Mastercard did:
Okay so here’s what happened, I noticed a bunch of fraudulent charges on my account. I reported it to their fraud department. The guy who was helping me even commented how he could even tell what charges were mine versus what charges were not mine. He told me they’re going to take care of any charges against my account that indeed were not made by myself, but they were going to investigate further and touch basis with me at least within a week just to let me know more less what was going on. He did state he was going to cancel my current Mastercard at that time & was going to send me a new card asap, and I I should be receiving it in the mail no more than 3 days- because he was putting a “rush” on it. Now, never was there ANY MENTION of freezing my account, and frankly it wouldn’t have made any sense sending me this new Mastercard on “rush order” at that…. if he was going to freeze my account anyway ??? I understand canceling my card that was evidently compromised, but to freeze my account without even notifying me is just absurd & unprofessional. This is my lively hood what we’re talking about although for him it may have been just another day in the office. Not only was I hit hard by whomever got all my personal information, but now I’m hit blindsided from eveey direction ?? The gentleman told me it could take up to 45 days collecting information for this investigation. Well, I immediately got a letter within about like two days later saying that the claim was already done & just very short & confusing. So, I’m like okay well you haven’t even given me the time to send the documentation that was asked of me. They had requested some documents, but again I wasn’t even given any time to send them back before receiving this letter that basically says “CASE CLOSED”!!! So, now my account is frozen and they say that supposedly it was coincidence that they’re just waiting for EDD to get back to them…??? I don’t understand what is even going on. The fact that my account getting frozen was NEVER EVEN MENTIONED is just beyond me. Now, it’s caused me to fall behind in soooooo many different areas, because everything stems from that account. It’s almost going on a month now. I have had no income, due to my “frozen account” (mastercard) I am receiving unemployment and EDD keeps depositing to that account but MASTERCARD has it frozen , so I can’t get my money so it’s caused me to fall into collections, because I cannot get to my money and now I’m being late on my payments and I had Fairly good credit. My credit is about 689 the last time I checked , who knows what it is now ??? Well, because of their negligence it’s already a bad time in the whole world as it is. I’m on unemployment already, but now they’re just making my nightmare even worse. Please can you help me?

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
An apology, a refund, fix my credit back to what it was.

How would you rate your experience with Mastercard?
⭐️ (1/5 stars)

Submitted by: Anonymous in California | Read more Mastercard complaints

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