Citibank Claim for Compensation

Citibank Claim for Compensation

What Citibank did:
I had citibank account ********** and ********** and i was employed. I was not given capital of **********.****/CADOCS/ussoc3.jpg when i left maintained bangalore office and they did criminal organisation to prevent me being in california employed usdhs uscbp ice to kick me out of usa and they are not allowing me to live in california past Jan 2009. I had ATT Universal master card
ATT Universal Platinum
***** **** **** ****

Valid from **/**/** to **/**. After the platinum card maxed out citibank had to give me the master capital account whose exact value i do not know. My money is managed using my yoga website domains since Mar 2004 and a usa social security number *********. i am not a allopathy class person and i do not like any doctoral services and i am being prevented getting my money branding me a disabled and they have killed my mother using allopathy class doctors. In addition they did not recognise the value of my website which is easily 12 billion dollars in Dec 2011 but did some advance allocation and employed by many in citi services wherever i was customer. I do not have any income from Yoga or software past Ocxt 2002.
One evidence is citibank not changing my name in their databases and citibank not having any Point of sale credit debit card machines in Thailand India Indonesia. Citibank Thailand and Indonesia did not open account in my new name Pradeep ***** *******. Please email *******@**********.**** for more details.I am isolated and not in any relation past APril 2001 and my cousins and passport and travel authorities are criminals using an expired address and stealing my money calling me an iNdian national and employing many. The criminals are not allowing me to get money into other banks also simply claiming i am poor and used many criminal yoga instructors of yoga alliance class for this purpose like sara avant stover lucas rockwood ayse inan kino macgregor they have teamed up with jp morgan chase and giving me free social media services like google youtube facebook whatsapp twitter may be and spawned hotel chains like radisson blu royal orchids, starbucks etc.. They have used me to build many franchises. They had to give me my money in petaluma account in 2008 when i opened it or as deletion of credit card account using

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
They have to give me capital of and an explanation why my website **********.****/****/**************************.*** and **********.****/********.**** cannot be used to run a yoga company since Dec 2011 and give me wages or retire me

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