T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
Breach of security and mental anguish and loss of use of my phone fraud on all my credit cards and information exposed the constant misuse of my phone being hacked and embarrassing info exposed the change of my 911 addresses changed the documented lock out of my phone and use of my phone due to breach of my secured information plus my confersations being recorded txt messages and pictures being taken as I was asleep from the hacked I phone 11 that T-Mobile would not replace apple said to replace it to this day it is not now it’s less than 30!days they sent me a collection notice for 800 I took my business to att which cost me 700 to open a account and buy a new phone

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Compensation for all my security exposed my time my pain an suffering mental anguish I’m 65 disabled on so

Submitted by: Anonymous T-Mobile customer in Dickinson | Read more T-Mobile complaints

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