Bank of America Locked My Account

Bank of America Locked My Account

What Bank of America did:
I had about $15,000 dollars in my edd account for my rent plus every 2 weeks my balance will go up because of my certification from edd . I stop using my debit in September 11,2021 I had gotten out my to pay my rent and then I got sick didn’t after the only money that was charge every month was my Tmobile account because I had automatic payment set up. I tried using it in December but I couldn’t I called they told me it was an error. So

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Pay me back my money that money is for my kids they out of school. I have a 13,11,9 year old daughter’s and a 5 year son. Me kids had see me cry everytime I call bank of America. After transferring me to different departments after 2 hours of being on the phone waiting repittin everythin over and over. They told me everything is good now that my money is back in my card. So my n my daughter go to the atm at the corner and i can’t take money because supposedly i don’t have sufficient funds. My 13 year old daughter tells me that I’m sick to lay Dow I tell her I need to fix this how am I go pay the rent at buy you food. Everything is expensive

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