T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What T-Mobile did:
From the start of Sprint merging with T-Mobile has been an issue. They didn’t have a sprint rep at the store when I upgraded mine and my sons phone. I was told my bill would only go up $10-$20 from what I was currently paying. Anytime I asked her a question, she didn’t know the answer. First months bill was $60 more than what I had been paying. Lie # 1. Called and spent 2 hours to get this rectified. Was guaranteed my bill would be $153 and change and that included fees and charges. Well get the bill and it was almost $50 more than what was guaranteed to me. Lie #2. Call for the 2nd time and was told the rep who had told me $153 gave me wrong info even tho she guaranteed me that price. After another 2 hours the lowest this rep could get the monthly bill down to was $157 and change and now was triple guaranteed that the price will not go up and I will never have to call back regarding billing. Lie #3. Of course I get my bill and it’s not $175 and change. I call and spend another hour (5 hours in total since I belong with t-mobile). I was just given an attitude and kept on being told that both reps I spoke with understood my frustration…I had to hang up after an hour and nothing was done to get to a doctors appointment. So this is why I’m here. Please help!

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