Uber Claim for Compensation

Uber Claim for Compensation

What Uber did:
On Tuesday February 9th, 2021 I requested a 2 stop Uber ride my first stop was a local gas station the 2nd stop was my place of employment. When we made it to the 1st stop I informed my Uber driver that I would be right back out and that I left my purse in the back seat, I proceeded to go into the store to purchase my breakfast when exiting the store I realized my Uber had left when I checked the app it looked as if I completed the ride to which I started to panic because my purse with my wallet house keys and other personal items were left in the Uber I immediately contacted Uber customer service to inform them of this incident to which they stated they would contact the driver since I myself couldn’t get ahold of him. I then requested another Uber ride to take me to work since I was now late due to my original ride leaving without cause, that’s additional money I had to spend on top of what the driver was already paid. Uber customer support was of no help to me throughout this situation and when the driver finally did contact me he told me he has a right to cancel the ride and that he was working and refused to bring my purse to my location so when I got off of work at 4:00 I caught a Lyft instead of an Uber to the headquarters in Oakland CA that was another 40$ when I arrived to the location to retrieve my purse I noticed my wallet was missing I inform the people at the location center of this and they told me there was nothing they could do that was how the driver returned my purse but I know my wallet was inside and it contain 480$ I paid cash when I went into the store earlier that morning I do have text messages from the driver stating he has picked up several other passengers after leaving me which means they had access to my purse that was in the back seat where I was sitting. I have not left the building where I retrieved my purse from and had to pay another 29$ to get back home all of this because a Uber driver canceled my ride well aware that my wallet was in the backseat of the vehicle with my personal items.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I would like to be compensated for the emotional distress I was put under due to ubers negligence and the fact that I have been a customer of Uber for 5 years now to have my purse stolen from me for hours on giving this stranger enough time to go through my things and get what he wanted was unacceptable when he knew my ride had 2 stops he was informed of this and he lied making it seem as if had been dropped if at the correct location when I clearly have the evidence in my phone is ridiculous.

Submitted by: Anonymous Uber customer in San Francisco | Read more Uber complaints

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