Santander Consumer USA Bad Customer Support

Santander Consumer USA Bad Customer Support

What Santander Consumer USA did:
I was given an auto loan in 2015 for a presented car for 17000 dollars. I have been paying for 5 years and have had many late payments. Santander just repossessed my car. We got the loan because my mother was on disability as the primary buyer and I was the co-signer. Neither of us had much disposable income. Santander lied to me several times about how their payments worked, split payments especially. They call my phone multiple times a day. They refused to defer me during natural disasters, and have lied to me about loan modifications. They said I am not religions for the settlement. I have paid about 28000 on the car already and still owe 16000 after 5 years. I need help.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I want my car back, paid in full, and any restitution damages for hurting my credit and charging me so much on interest. Predatory loan practices!

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