Uber Claim for Compensation

Uber Claim for Compensation

What Uber did:
Ok so my truck was stolen in Aug. & so with NO other solutions and what so ever mainly due to the fact that it wasn’t just a truck to me, It was literally my lifeline I left a very abusive relationship and started over from scratch tho I had ppl offer 4 me to stay with them I hate to feel like I’m a burden on anyone and it’s always easier for me to just be alone to think and be able to plan out life I guess. So it just was like that for a while plus I was in no position to afford much rent and definitely couldn’t afford my own place so I was and I still am trying to get public housing assistance but it’s been a couple years now and I can’t seem to find legit info or help for that matter. And with no ride since August only my phone to use it’s definitely the most discouriging & time consuming thing only to be let down or fooled over & over again. So my decision was pretty easy once a friend of mine filled me in on how Uber let’s you get rentals so you don’t have to have a vehicle. OMG that was godsent I was overwhelmed and super excited to find this out so I immediately got on my phone and filled out my application and everything went great I was hired I have copies of insurance papers I made I even had signed up for there bank card and got that I was estatic. Well I ran into what i thought at the time was a minor problem but when I put all my info in the application my name was in the system from years before it had been so long I didn’t remember what car it was I had listed to drive it was my own car but I’ve had many & just didn’t remember so with that vehicle from years before on account I wasn’t able to get into the marketplace for a rental bc it kept on asking for a copy of my insurance and registration so I emailed and tried to explain only for them to keep sending the same reply witch I soon realized it was an automated recording. So a few days of this back and forth and no resolution I decided to call once I finally found a phone number. So I explained to the guy who answered and he was very nice he explained that I had more than 1 email I explained and he said he’d have to transfer me to a different department so he did and same exact thing happened 2 more times on that call with a total of 4 different ppl I spoke with all witch said they would do there best to fix this issue witch was simply removing that old vehicle off my account so I could move forward and it was taking a toll on me very much to the point where I was having tension cluster migraines that get severely painful 2-3 days at a time I wouldn’t get out of bed it’s horrible and I also explained to 1 of the customer service representatives that I didn’t know if I could continue going through this everyday only to still be in the same place at the end of the day. Bc when I called that day this had already been a few weeks into this madness. But I was grateful bc it did fix the issue and the old vehicle on my account was removed and that was a great relief so once again for some odd reason I then had to do everything over again and it all went smooth but that happened a few weeks ago and now when I log into my app I have a message saying contact customer support and I’m unable to get online or get into the marketplace now and when I inquired about this I was told that I could get into marketplace once my background check is complete. And here we are a couple months been doing this and it’s honestly making me so insecure and depressed that idk what to do anymore. It’s really my only option with no money or family around to help with rides or anything it’s making me feel crazy I needed this job desperately. I feel like I’m being messed with and I literally have to just sit here and think about this it’s insane. Like I was going through my copies of the insurance and everything and I found 1 copy that states and I didn’t realize the date and how long this has actually been happening but my coverage started Nov.24,2020. I am so happy I seen y’all add bc I honestly probably wouldn’t of done anything I have a bad habit of this and it’s taking so much time and my mental and physical state is honestly not in good standing due to others treating me this way and I just brush it off when in fact I’ve had some pretty traumatizing events occur and should of definitely done something but never have anywheres to look to start so I feel like you guys are a huge blessings in my life honestly thanks so much and sorry this message is so long.

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