Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

Verizon Wireless Claim for Compensation

What Verizon Wireless did:
Around the 10th of December 2020, I called Verizon to increase my gigabytes for internet service because, although they claimed I had “unlimited internet”, after I used the prescribed number of bytes, they slowed the internet down so much they I could not do my work. I nearly lost a cruise because I could not register. It took hours if not days to get on the internet. When I called, I told them I only wanted more data. I specifically told them that I did NOT want 5 G because it was not available where I live. When I attempted to go onto the internet the next day, I found that they gave me a 5G plan that I specifically did not want and I went from bad service to no service. I called them and they refused to cancel the contract and give me what I asked for to begin with. On the 12th of December, I cancelled Verizon and went with another carrier. Everything was supposed to be transferred on that date. I found that after that, we were having trouble with our fax machine which was supposed to be set up with the new carrier. I went back to the new carrier and they said that Verizon never transferred the line. The manager did it again and his computer showed that the line was transferred. This was on December 19th. On the way home from the store, I called Verizon and they assure me that the line was transferred. I asked what my final bill would be and they told me $167.00 and change. That bill was paid on December 31st. On the 15th of January, I received another bill for $212.00. I called Verizon and spoke with a representative named “Danny” (I am fairly sure that this was not his real name because he had an accent you could cut with a knife) He was very nice and reviewed the entire bill and told me not to pay it and I would only be responsible for $27.00 and change, an amount I was willing to pay to get rid of Verizon. He also told me that I should not owe anything and that he was going to attempt to also get that amount removed. In February, I got another bill, this time for $246.00 and change. I called Verizon again and got another representative named Anita. She was very rude and condescending. She told me that the land line that I was disputing had been suspended for lack of payment and I still had to pay for it, although it was not working. I had absolutely no idea that Verizon had done this. I had no late notices or any notice about the suspension of the line. She also told me that Verizon did not have any employees named “Danny”. She was going to do me a huge favor and deduct $120.00 and I would only have to pay $212.00. I told her that this was not acceptable and that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. Conveniently for Verizon, none was available. She said that a supervisor would call me that day or the next. It is now March 6th and the supervisor has not called. Also, I received another bill, this time for $107.00. I have paid all these bills so that Verizon would not ruin my credit. I reported them to the FCC who informed me that no government agency can regulate billing. I find it unconscionable that a company like Verizon can cheat people and then ruin their credit and these people really have little or no recourse. I have been having problems with Verizon for many years over their poor internet service and they have lied and schemed their way around the issue many times. I have reported them to the Pa. Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, the Bureau for the Aged and the FCC to no avail. Verizon has charged me over $500.00 for no service! Since the pandemic, my wife and I have not worked. On January 7th, I was diagnosed with Covid and was hospitalized. We are both senior citizens who need to work for supplemental income. We really cannot afford to have lost this money. I am willing to pay the $167.00. I am not willing to to pay the additional $500.00 and I want my money returned.

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