Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

What Charter Spectrum did:
I had high speed internet wireless installed today 3/12/21 by a technician and after he left I turned on my Tv to watch the news and my Dish Satellite TV was not working. I checked all the cables and plugs inside my home and found nothing wrong went outside to where the technician had wired up the internet and found the main Dish TV disconnected and a wire cut. Now I have no TV and I am very very mad. I called Spectrum technical support and some rude women told me it was not up to them to send someone back to fix the error the guy made when here at my home that it was up to Dish TV to come fix it well it is not Dish TV that disconnected the main cable line nor cut the wire the technition for Spectrum did it. Dish TV would charge me to fix Spectrums problem or they would refuse to come out at all. I want someone to come immediately to my home and reconnect my Dish TV and the cut wire if you do not take care of this problem immediately I will be contacting my lawyer and sue Spectrum and the technition.


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