Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

What Charter Spectrum did:
I spoke with the manager who informed me I did not have to pay the past due amount he fix some stuff he said I only had to pay $32 and some change which I still have that on my statement records that spectrum took that off of he told me I will be eligible for the educational program for two months and now two months has passed and I’m being told that I have to pay a bill of $259 because the manager misinformed me or did not know how to properly do his job and now they’re telling me it’s my fault and there’s nothing they can do about it everything the manager said was recorded as they have a recording line on the 14th of January 2021

I was willing to pay half of the bill as I feel this is not my problem but since they can’t Reason with me or seem to settle this with me out of court I would like for the full balance to be paid by spectrum

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