Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

Charter Spectrum Lied About the Price

What Charter Spectrum did:
Back in November, due to kids at home doing Zoom and remote work, i needed faster internet than my grandfathered plan that was 20 dollars a month. Was told there was an Internet Assist plan i can always get later. Spectrum put me on the Ultra plan ( cost 95 dollars a month) i didnt know and questioned my bill 2 months later. they removed the ultra plan to the base plan (75 dollars) and i went to Retention to complain further. They off 20 dollars off for 1 year so 55 ( which is still more than their promo for new customers. Tried to apply for Government internet assist, which i qualify for due to my son getting reduced lunch. Was told i dont qualify as i am an existing customer. I filed a complaint with the FCC. Spectrum called me back and pretty much said screw you , nothing they can do. Can’t get back to Grandfathered plan, nor no government assist program. My kids and myself work remotely and they are the only internet around here. I was defrauded to get off the grandfathered plan which was part of the Spectrum Timewarner merger. They actually said the requirement of existing customers was part of the government. When i pressed that i highly doubt that and to get me paperwork saying that, the next day said they dont have that and nothing to send. I have filled out another FCC complaint and am now seeing how I can sue to have them remove the exisiting customer requirement as Many Americans who are in dire need would be able to qualify for governmnet assist.

Remove Existing Customer Requirement for Government Assist Internet program. Many Americans would benefit from this.

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