Uber Claim for Compensation

Uber Claim for Compensation

What Uber did:
So Uber has a policy when your service is in high demand they raise their prices by definition that’s price gouging so I called them and tell them why is that and they say to me well that’s some more drivers will take the calls the drivers are going to take the car cause I wanna make that money so I explain to them when you have a product or service doesn’t hide the man doing a specific time and you take the opportunity to raise those prices above what the normal price is bomb greater than 30% by definition that is price gouging that shouldn’t be allowed

I want them to start that process of raising their affairs because they’re in service is in high demand and yes I want to be reimbursed all the time his dick doubled my fair just because the service was in high demand

Submitted by: Anonymous Uber customer in Bronx | Read more Uber complaints

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