Uber Claim for Compensation

Uber Claim for Compensation

What Uber did:
I was in a Uber Trip on Mar 27 2021 from **** ****** ****** to **** ****** ******. Lyft, a competitor of Uber was offering me rates of $14.99. I cancelled that ride, because Uber was showing a sooner drop-off at around 12:59.

When the Uber Driver came, he told me that he has to re-route to drop a cell phone that another customer left. And then because we reached late at a junction because of that, he told me that we would want to reroute, because he actually took the left-only lane by mistake and that caused another 10 min delay. At the end I was not only late 30 mins and but was also charged a 100 extra dollars. And Uber never responds me with a human

Submitted by: Anonymous Uber customer in Philadelphia | Read more Uber complaints

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