Venmo Claim for Compensation

Venmo Claim for Compensation

What Venmo did:
Venmo I had an account with and Vero I had an account with I sent $400 from venmo to Vero both companies say it never happened but yet I never got my cash back they said that they filed an appeal and they ruled it up that I didn’t lose no money they never got my money case closed but yet how did I get my money back when I deposited it add a 7-Eleven to pay my rent and it vanished and both companies are blaming it on each other but if there’s no way that I got it and it’s been more over a year now and I’m still fighting it and they just rule out what they want to rule out and I’ve got all the flipping proof I WANT MY $409.00 BACK PLUS MY RENT BOUNCED PLUS ALL THE HOURS UVE SPENT CHASING MY FLIPOJNG MONEY.. THIS HAPOENED THE FIRST 4 TRANSACTIONS I DID. AND HOW.CONVIENEMT THAT I CANT TALK TO A LIVE PERSON. THEY ******* ME

Submitted by: Anonymous Venmo customer in Arlington | Read more Venmo complaints

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