CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

What CenturyLink did:
Today 3/30/21 I received Century Link bill dated 3/22/21 in the amount of $131.95. I cancelled all services with Century on February 17, 2021. Today’s bill is for landline ***-***-**** service 3/22-4/21. This part of the bill is invalid, it represents service not rendered. The $81.45 past due balance on this bill was a charge that was for previous land line bills after cancellation. Century Link Phone Representative credited my account for $89.76 and this was later confirmed by Century Link chatroom Representative, Donald B. Credit replaced all invalid landline charges made when no services were rendered. This credit has not shown on after-billings. Chatroom Representative Donald B told me my only balance due with Century Link was $9.73 (Account closed). I mailed a check to Century Link in the amount of $9.73 on this same day 3/22/21.

My credit card was charged on Bill Pay to Century Link $70.54, I have never received any financial records of this, no bill, nor credit transaction report.

Today 3/30/21 I talked to Century Link Cancellation department. Steven told me there is NO cancellation for the landline ***-***-****. It’s had no dial tone since Feb. 17th or
19th since I cancelled it and Reps. Hector and Donald B. confirmed it was cancelled. I continue being charged for no service. Steven said I owe $122.00 (and some cents), to pay my account in full. This still represents services not rendered and credits unposted. Steven hung up on me. I used no profanity, I simply urged Steven to make things right on my financial account with Century Link. He hung up on me.

I am being charged for landline service of which Century Link is not the server. I was also charged $13.00 late fee that they have not posted credit to my account. It’s clear, I think, Century Link’s paradigm is “it’s all about them.” I have done four or so good-faith efforts to change this chicanery, to no avail.

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