DoorDash Bad Customer Support

DoorDash Bad Customer Support

What DoorDash did:
On March 17,21 I went to doordash app because I pay for the dashpass subscription. We were feeling PF changs but on the doordash app, it said no deliveries available.
So I went on the PF Changs website and ordered food for delivery. My delivery time was 7:59 pm. At approx 8:10 I contacted the Doordash driver asking what his ETA was. He said 1 minute. At 8:40 I called the restaurant asking about my order. I spoke to the manager Jason, he said it had been picked up awhile ago and that they’ve had a lot if issues with doordash delivering to their customers. He said that doordash determines the fees, delivery charges, and ultimately the driver so to contact them.
He also said if he would approve a refund if that’s what was requested.
At 850, our driver shows up but refused to get out of the car and bring to the door because it was raining. After sitting there for 5 minutes, a girl I’m assuming was his girlfriend, gets out and brings it to the door.
I contacted Doordash thru the live chat help. And the person I was talking too, denied my request for a refund. I explained that i never should have been charged a delivery fee because i purchased the dashpass. Also the driver didnt deserve the tip I left and the fact that he lied about his ETA, and that it was almost an hour late, I wanted a complete refund.
Then she put me on hold, came back and said she would push my request for refund on the tip, which she quoted .40 shy of the actual tip. Then she stated that there was no delivery fee charged according to the receipt. I argued and she ended the convo.
I tried calling and noone would answer.
So I went back on the chat live, got a guy who told me I needed to contact the restaurant have them contact doordash for the refund. And then told me he didn’t any access to view the order at all because it wasn’t thru the app. I asked him how the first agent told me she had seen it but he can’t. No response.
He then vacated the chat leaving me watching the typing dots….. which meant he was done. Dropped convo.

Sooooo many issues with this!

A refund and cancellation of my doordash subscription.

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