DoorDash Won’t Let Me Cancel

DoorDash Won’t Let Me Cancel

What DoorDash did:
I am actually a doordash independent contractor but on the night in question I was ordering as a customer. I made an order for my family at wing pickers I believe and once I placed the order which I chose to pick up instead of have delivered, I saw that the restaurant was a 40 minute drive away. Mind you that the order was placed between 11:06 and 11:08pm. The app stated that the restaurant closed at 11:30pm. As soon as I placed the order I hit the directions button and it said it was a 40 minute drive from where I live. I saw nothing that stated the whereabouts of this restaurant, I just assumed there was some kind of radius. Immediately after I saw this I hit the help button which had a cancel order button. I pressed that button and it would not allow me to cancel and told me I needed to call the customer support. I proceeded to try and find a number to call on the app but instead found a chat window.all of this took at least several minutes. But then I was at once again in the chat window given the option to cancel the order. So I hit the cancel button and then in the description box wrote why I needed to cancel. Then it routed me to a chat window and all it said was the next available customer support agent will be with you shortly, I waited for what felt like at least 5 minutes if not more. Finally an agent started talking with me. I stayed it to the customer service support my issue that I had ordered from a restaurant that I did not realize was a 40-minute drive from where I live. And that I needed to cancel my order. The customer service agent proceeded to tell me that because I didn’t cancel the order with a refund. I was highly aggravated as I had been trying since the moment I pressed order button to get someone to cancel the order. The fact that their app made it so difficult for me to do that is not my fault not to mention that it is physically impossible considering that I ordered a 40 piece chicken wing dinner for a family to be ready in less than 10 minutes. But yet even after asking to speak to a supervisor I was still not helped. I then Googled the phone number to customer service while still on the chat with the other customer service rep, and told the next customer service rep the same situation I was still told that I would not be able to get a refund. And that there was no supervisor available to speak with me but that they would get back to me within 24 hours. I never got my food that night and I did not get a refund. This has to be illegal in some way.

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