DirecTV Claim for Compensation

DirecTV Claim for Compensation

What DirecTV did:
Got Sold cable at Costco.. DirectTv came out 3x said they needed to run a linein the ground…marked the yard.. was a no show 2x and then a guy showed up and installed a satellite on the metal roof and ran cable through the house like it was good to go all the while tracking mud through our house and then because we live in a trailer home he said that that’s what we get for having gray carpet we just missed that comment figured he was just discriminating because we lived in a trailer and we just brushed it off and then it got better ….we never got service! So after two months of trying to get them to come out and fix it and phone calls we start finally just agreed to return all hardware left with satelllite install. Then try to address the issue of voiding the contract that was signed at Costco agreeing to a year of service for a certain amount of money and so addressing that with numerous calls and acquiring multiple confirmation #s .. Agreeing that they will be handled after the merchandise is returned all payments would be refunded and then a $400.00 bill was added to collections on our credit report- and now when we call we just get hung up on after being told we’re being transferred this is been over a year and a half now because we just couldn’t get no resolve we thought that we were just at a loss until I came across Your website so I don’t know if there’s a time frame but fingers crossed thank you for your time

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