DirecTV Claim for Compensation

DirecTV Claim for Compensation

What DirecTV did:
When I first decided to move my service to my new address following my divorce I called direct tv and asked them what my options were. The customer service agent I spoke with explained that there will be a 200 dollar moving fee, when I explained that I was now a single dad and there was no way I could afford to pay that much just to move to my apartment she began to reassure me that she could waive that 200 dollar fee. When she tried to waive the fee she told me that she couldn’t actually waive the fee until after the service was installed. I made her promise me that if I called back after it was installed she would waive the fee. After they came out to install the service I called back to have them make good on that promise to waive the moving fee to find out that the 200 dollar fee could not be waived as I have not been with the company long enough. I was disgusted after arguing for 30 minutes I hung up. I called back a month or so later to suspend my service since i could not afford the bill only to be constantly transferred for over an hour and a half no one would help me suspend my service they just kept transferring me until again I hung up. This happen twice and I know they said all calls are recorded so there should be some kind of record of my calls and conversations

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