DoorDash Bad Customer Support

DoorDash Bad Customer Support

What DoorDash did:
IAM delivery in the lunch
Time busy time and the glas door it was closed
A lady for the buildinf told me to not jacked the door
I’m telling her polite I’m not when I’ll to the 15 floor the lady with group of the building recording me in cursing out ,,,, the next day Doordash faslse accused me the discrimination of Costomer and created unsafe conducting trying to look good with people complaining my delivery it was a serious aggravated defamation in my person I’ll go until last consequence for this wrong actions for Doordash

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
Compensation for my wrongs termination ILL HAVE SEVERAL EMOTIONS DISTRESS

How would you rate your experience with DoorDash?
⭐️ (1/5 stars)

Submitted by: Anonymous in Virginia | Read more DoorDash complaints

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