Uber Claim for Compensation

Uber Claim for Compensation

What Uber did:
Uber eats has been very unprofessional. I asked them to deleted my uber eats driver account and they deleted my Uber app account where I order food. I contacted Uber driver support team to ask for help because the representative wrongfully terminated my account with my points that were inside. He told me to go contact Uber although my account was deactivated due to them. I asked to become a driver and no one could assist me. First they state that i will get a reply within 3-5 business. Which in the app it states that’s it would only take those amount of days and told me that I need to wait longer. It has been three weeks and they cannot even offer the support that I need. I’m beyond stressed out with them especially due to deactivating my account. I have multiple messages from them saying the same thing. I asked to speak to the supervisor and never received a call but a message notification through the app.

I am requesting this amount for using there uber eats app as well as getting there uber app. I have spent so much money on them which I have records of and yet they have not been able to help me

Submitted by: Anonymous Uber customer in Saint albans | Read more Uber complaints

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