AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
I signed up with att in approximately june 2019 in niles, ohio. When i was exploring signing up with them I enquired about what happens if I move. They said no problem the service moves with you. So I decided to move to Noblesville, Indiana Thanksgiving 2019. They told me I need to take my equipment when I did move, so I did. After my move I called up to get the service installed. I requested an afternoon appointment. The installed called up to say my appointment was scheduled in the afternoon and wanted to come first thing in the morning. I explained that was not a good time for me so the installation did not take place. I contacted att and decided to put my account in suspension. In my move somehow I misplaced the equipment they needed and truly could not find it. My mother had almost been killed by a dirty nursing in ohio, so things were in an upheaval. I would call att every month as they were continuing to bill me for services not rendered. It seems they did not want to recognize my suspended account. They even conned me in the beginning to paying about 77 dollars for services not used as my account was suspended. I enquired about paying them off to get out of this nightmare and was told it would be about 300 dollars give or take. Every month I would get a bill and call them. The tried to get me to sign a new 2 year contract waiving the termination fees. They set up a installation again for afternoon and the same installer called demanding to come early. I told him no had done bad words and he told me to find my own installer. I have since found the equipment that is valued of 300 as they sent my account to a collection agency in ohio. I disputed that in the time frame. Now I just got another collection letter from the same agency saying it’s been turned over to collections. They told me long ago I had to have an ohio number for my landline which I did not want in Indiana. Really all I want is to settle this without it going to collections. I have impeccable credit and just paid off a ton of my Bill’s. I have just been frustrated trying to get this resolved trying to fight big brother. Please help…they lied to me about moving the service, they lied about how much my termination fees would be. Plus charged me for a month of service never used as account suspended. I am prepared to pay them off to get rid of them provided they dont put it on my credit bureaus. If they do they can rot I say. Thank you for your time

Submitted by: Anonymous AT&T customer in Noblesville | Read more AT&T complaints

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