AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
I signed up for the Att Access Program, which is a low income program. When signing up, I was encouraged to sign up with AttTV streaming service for $29.99 after about 5 years, I upgraded and my service was $60. Then the pandemic hit for and the whole world March 13, 2020 & I was laid off due to Covid. In the month of March, I was having a hard time making payments and my payment was late. March 17th through 22nd, I was out of town for a relatives funeral, I didn’t see my emails requesting me to update my payment info because of the death in my family and having to travel to New Orleans for the funeral. When I did complete the update, March 23rd, I was sent a confirmation email saying my service was back in order, but it actually was cancelled. I contacted customer service through their chat, which is the ONLY way a person can get help with streaming service, and they told me that I didn’t respond to the update email within the alloted 15 days. I responded on the 23rd day, therefore they could not reinstate my service as it was a grand-fathered service, but that they could sign me up with a new more expensive service. I informed them of how I originally signed up for the service as a low income customer and that I had the service as a loyal customer for 5 years. That I had infact updated my account payment information and received a confirmation email, but my service was cancelled inspite of my efforts to make the account current. They cited that the service I had was a discontinued one and that they no longer could offer it to me, but that I could sign up for a more expensive package. I was very upset about this and informed them that I did make the account current, and that I was struggling due to being laid off due to Covid. They informed me that unfortunately, they had no Covid-19 relief for streaming customers, only cable and that they are sorry they don’t have a package that is cost effective for low income people. I feel that I was unfairly kicked off the lower priced tier that I was grandfathered in, as they wanted to get rid of the lower priced packages to begin forcing people into buying the higher priced package. I would like to complain about being kicked off the service without any fair alternative that was comparable to what I once paid for, for almost 5 years. And that they purposely did not accept my updated payment info in order to begin selling higher priced packages. I was unfairly kicked off in order to force me to buy a higher price package in spite of the fact that I’m low income, and have the low income internet service, Access, with them. And they did not help or offer any help with regard to the covid-19 pandemic or take those factors into consideration. Now I don’t have any tv service. Also I think it’s unfair to only have chat as the only way to communicate with customer service, as chatting is cumbersome and tedious. Customers should have a choice of ways to communicate and that the telephone and speaking directly with customer service and is still the fastest and most effective way to communicate. I am very upset. Nicole *****

I’m seeking to restore my previous service

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