AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
Trade in phones lost by att in Sept, being billed more then double my agreement amount on day of purchase, store employees sit on phone with att for multiple hours with me every day and att refuses to fix the issue, we have been told every month how sorry they are and it will be fixed right away, since September…every month they tell me pay an outrageous bill and they will credit me and fix my plan, every month I’m suspended with same issue, missing trade in phones found in warehouse 5 months later, 1 doesn’t turn on, store employees filed cases stating it worked properly at trade in, we won the case, now att says they never found the phone and have no notes of a case…this is absolutely sickening! They want over 800 to turn me back on and instate a plan that should have been the day I purchased the phones, im owed double that but they won’t release it or fix my plan until I pay suspension fees to reinstate, since September it’s the same story every month…I purchased these to lower my plan becaue of financial difficulties due to Covid…my plan should be 142.90, I’m charged over 300 every month, 70 suspension fee every month, 35 per line reinstate fee…even the manager on the phone said its not like I can go to att, log in a computer and fix my issues, it must be done by them, apologized profusely and said it will be fixed immediately! Turned my phone back on during that call, ATT suspended me a week later and says they have no notes of this call ever happening, even though the phones mysteriously went back on they claim no one at att turned them back on and now say they have notes not to speak with me about my own plan and nothing in my plan can be changed by anyone, want $3200 plus $847 to cancel me! I’m being held hostage! My court agreement with my ex says if I do not have a phone I can not pick up our daughter, she is enforcing this…I use my cell for everything, cable, wifi as I have no home service, I’m in the rain in my neighbors driveway to get service just to write this…please help asap! Thank you

I have spent about 50hrs on the phone and over 100hrs I store, I have phone statements and store employees to verify this is not an exaggeration! I want justice! My property was lost by ATT, they refuse to instate my original plan as stated day of purchase because said phones were lost, again by ATT not by me, I can not work, see my own daughter, watch TV or search internet…they are holding me hostage over there own wrong doing and must be held accountable! Att store employees agree with this, I would not reach out to waste anyone’s time

Submitted by: Anonymous AT&T customer in Selden | Read more AT&T complaints

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