AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
I had gotten a phone from an AT&T store had it added onto my account which brought my bill up like $60 when I was there I paid my existing bill off so there was no money owed at all that was the due date so we’re starting fresh he said my first bill might be a little high well it was I paid it everything was fine also my next bill comes in is like $170 more than what it should the guy tried to tell me that I didn’t I was on from last months I said no I never was all of them last month I paid it off in full remember and I showed him my receipt because I had it with me at AT&T AT&T don’t wanna help me that guy don’t want to help me nobody can explain why this extra money is on my bill it’s on at that time maybe I should’ve only been like $230 it was $400 and a month later it’s $1000 and it keeps going up nobody wants to help me nobody wants that I’ve called try to communicate with them nothing

I have phones that are not working the screens aren’t working this mass their stuff is compromised and nobody wants to help me and I kept buying new stuff from them so if they need to replace all that I bought from them with all they did replace all the stuff I’ve got from them with new stuff that can’t compromise

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