CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

What CenturyLink did:
My internet with century link keeps billing me over $200 bucks until just now, there have been times where I had to pay a bill for services I didn’t have. The first time I had service from century link was back in 2014/2015. They billed me, but I never got the actual service. I got stuck with the bill after calling them and explaining to them that I’ve never received any services from them numerous of times. They stated that they would take care of my bill, but when I’ve decide to get service from them again, I had that balance on my records and had to pay it before getting services again.

I’ve been giving them money for my internet even now each month. I really don’t know how much they owe me at this point. But I do know they owe me

Submitted by: Anonymous CenturyLink customer in Burlington | Read more CenturyLink complaints

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