Optimum Claim for Compensation

Optimum Claim for Compensation

What Optimum did:
I purchased a modem from eBay in June 2020 to avoid paying the $10 monthly modem rental fees. I battled with Optimum for 10 months because they continued to charge me the rental fee even after setting up my own modem, resulting in me filing an FCC complaint against the company. The result of the complaint was that they determined it is my fault for purchasing a modem off eBay because they are claiming that the modem does belong to them, and they recommended that I go to eBay to try and get a refund but they will continue to charge me the rental fee for a modem that I own.

I would like them to acknowledge that I own the modem and remove the $10 monthly rental fee from my account permanently.

Submitted by: Anonymous Optimum customer in Brooklyn | Read more Optimum complaints

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