Optimum Claim for Compensation

Optimum Claim for Compensation

What Optimum did:
I was offered a new offer beginning of February $33 a month plus auto pay discount of $5 which brings down the bill to $28 a month (for 12 months). My bill has never reflected this offer and it currently totals at $33 with the auto pay discount which means there is an incomplete discount given, the $45 credit given on every bill since 2/15 should be $50 and that way my bill will end up at $28. I have already received $20 credit to cover the 5$ difference on bills 2/15, 3/15, 4/15, 5/15. There is 8 more months left in my contract and Optimum will never fix my bill as I have called numerous times and they either promise to fix on the next bill and don’t do it, or they refuse to go through the phone call conversation in february to confirm the offer from the retention department. I am asking for a $40 credit here that will make up for that $5 difference (8 months x$5).
I have also not received the $100 Amazon gift card promised with this offer by the kind guy in the Retention Department.
So I am asking for a $100 credit toward my balance instead.

I have to attach Fairshake 20 % fee for their services in order to obtain the credits from Optimum. That equals $140 x 20% = $28.

Together I am asking for a $40+$100+28 = $168 credit toward my balance at Optimum.

Thank you.

Submitted by: Anonymous Optimum customer in Hampton Bays | Read more Optimum complaints

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