Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

Charter Spectrum Bad Customer Support

What Charter Spectrum did:
The issue I have is with Charter Spectrum I got billed for services I did not have or were not activated on their end I went from February of 2020 to the last week of July took them several months to do a drop dig which they billed me for they credited partially for something that was not rendered to me in the first place. August bill reflected on 155 dollars and some odd cent amount. They never handled the account right or the billing I paid partially on the months I did not have service when I finally have it done they keep me off here or there wanting more money on an amount they don’t have coming to them they have stolen money from me back in 2020 in February I had to pay to have service work done in two years they did this to me twice where several months was waiting on a dig as they fully billed me and did not adjust the bill or honor a refund for those months I was not rendered service also the predatory lying they do and the double billing every 15 days ahead if they supposedly only are a monthly subscription. When December came I was once again without service nothing activated on a 270 dollar bill that was only 97 dollars, to begin with they billed me full price for two months the same amount when I had changed service to just internet they could not get any of my hardware to sync with there main box all the work I asked to be done months prior was not done they only did that as soon as they disconnected me there billing department has never been right because they know they are losing money in there automated pro-rated billing that they say they don’t do if they admit to the wrongs I live in the State of Wisconsin. throttling of service without notice to a customer and a disconnecting service or double charging service that was never activated on their end. Lazy techs and supervisors. They tried covering up what they did last fall. They can credit an account on poor service or no service for several months but I paid on months more than the service I didn’t get several months they pocketed pay this practice then we do this they sent my account to collections to rush the collections process within a three months time

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
I want the service for the months they credited that I paid that they pocketed on they did not refund the money I paid on for service time I did not get do to work that took them longer than 5 months to finish they promised me service never rendered good service they billed me full price on service I wasn’t getting only to credit partially I got stuck paying the rest is wrong when the new bill came out for august they left 155 dollar balance they got twice from me then lost a payment along the way would always show my bill being one month behind when it was not the case, They did a lot of wrong to me they owe me for months of service I did not get that I paid on they could have closed the account and done the billing right since it was an issue on their end greedy liars they are. Lot of things they did for the past year or two almost outright criminal the then when I disputed the bill they told me I had no right to do that their dispute policy is 60 days during that time they can not disconnect until the matter is resolved they did neither of those things they shut me off before my due date on my bill in December after getting payment and no service tell me how does 80 dollar internet service become over 200 dollars in two months they credited February bill of cable service I did not have or it was not working and activated meaning they must do the same for prior two months I argued about so they got 170 dollars on a bill they don’t have coming to them.

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