Fidelity Locked My Account

Fidelity Locked My Account

What Fidelity did:
Dominic ***** from Fidelity Investments in Chicago, advised me to invest my Roth IRA account assets into NY Life Insurance’s Annuities. After three years, March 18th 2021 it surrounded/expired, however NY Life did not return my funds.

The reason I found after doses of phone calls to both. They did not deem as convenient to call me: I found out on the web-portal they printed IRS form to return instead of Roth. They did not correct that until, after a month I clarified with NY Life what happened. Fidelity sent me corrected paperwork weeks ago, but they haven’t submit it to NY Life yet.

After I continued calling them, they did not reply to me reasonably and avoided my calls occasionally. Eventually, in Fidelity’s Annuities Department, they divulged returning to wrong account would cause tax me two times as the funds were in Roth, but wrong returning is to IRA account.

If needed I’d put this on trial – according to your advice,


What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
To return my Roth IRA funds from NY Life Insurance.
To let me know why Soltis doesn’t buy Notes any more, but charge my IRA account as it does

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