Suntrust Bank Won’t Let Me Cancel

Suntrust Bank Won’t Let Me Cancel

What Suntrust Bank did:
I’m a customer received a ppp loan last year under $10k. Applied this year with 2019 info as instructed by sba & suntrust. It’s very detailed however I’m 93 days in their ppp portal with hundreds of duplicates of everything due to its glitches. They funded no one the two weeks of 20 & below employees. Long story short. They’ve lied they humiliated me bullied me called me a criminal locking me up I’m the portal so I cannot apply anywhere else. Send me denied letters every days stating I’m a criminal accept for last years forgiveness. Funny how that works. They refuse to respond they refuse to explain why they are calling me a criminal I’m told its my own fault I’m talked down too. They’ve degraded me as a women and as a person in general. They are racist and.corrupt and do not support MINORITY women owned businesses they are only funding $100k and up. Sad but not surprised

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