AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
We joined AT&T in August 2020. We signed up online for an unlimited plan with 3 devices. We traded in 2 phones for a buy one get one free Samsung device deal. We also had a promotion for $1000 of a device. AT&T sent us boxes and labels to send the 2 trade-in devices. We sent the devices in within the allotted time period. Our bills after the promotions were supposed to be $135 plus tax (every month). Our first bill was almost $400 and every bill after was well over $250 -$300.

I tried to call several times and have spent over 24 hours on the phone with them at this point. All 1.5 hours phone calls while I am at work. I have cried, yelled, argued, etc. We have overpaid over $1000 at this point and all AT&T kept saying was that they were waiting for our promotions to hit the account and they have “escalated” the situation. After many calls from August – March, At&t informed me that THEY sent us the wrong shipping labels and our trade-ins never made it to the trade-in department. They sent us shipping labels for the buyer’s remorse department. That is why they never applied the promotions to our account. If I would have known in August or September that they messed up our order, I would have gone to another service provider, but because I didn’t find this out until MARCH – I feel I have to stay to get reimbursed for the overages we have been charged. It’s now late April and they still have not located our devices (but they do know we sent them and they have them) they won’t give us a credit until they find them all because of a mistake on their end.

I keep being told that I will receive a callback and not once have a gotten a call. They

All three lines were supposed to receive rebate cards to total $750 as well. I have not received that either.

I feel like they are holding me hostage to their service.

Seeking this because they owe us $1700 in overcharges/missing rebates and I have spent hours and hours on the phone trying to get this fixed. It has caused me financial and emotional distress.

Submitted by: Anonymous AT&T customer in Kernersville | Read more AT&T complaints

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