Frontier Communications Claim for Compensation

Frontier Communications Claim for Compensation

What Frontier Communications did:
I ordered frontier internet service in either 2018 or 2019. But i know for a fact that I finally ended service with them in 2019. The service worked fine for a little bit.. Then the service started bluffing all the time. I unplugged and reset the modem and sometimes it would work and sometimes it didnt.. I called customer service and they would tell me to do the samething. Then they told me to upgrade my service because maybe I had to much on the line.. I did that and still the service didnt work. They came out to fix it on multiple occassion. It would work then it would go back out. Then one day a customer service rep finally told me that my home was far way from the main hub and no matter what plan I got from them I would always have spotty service.

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