HughesNet Claim for Compensation

HughesNet Claim for Compensation

What HughesNet did:
I have GEN V which is supposed to be high speed internet. It was installed 3/8/21. I’ve been tracking my DL speeds since and after 550 tests I can say my average DL speed is about 8 Mbps. I complained to the FCC and they gave me their app which reports my speed tests directly to them and to me. It also keeps a running average and over the past 5 days my DL speed averages 7.99. I was promised 15 Mbps DL and that’s what I pay for. I want 15 Mbps DL and 3 UL as promised. I understand I will lose signal in bad weather but when the sky is blue, the sun is shining 3.5 DL doesn’t cut it.

I want the service they promised. They are the ONLY game in town and they know it. I want to know why my average DL is 7.99 when it should be 15.

Submitted by: Anonymous HughesNet customer in Atkinson | Read more HughesNet complaints

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