Uber Claim for Compensation

Uber Claim for Compensation

What Uber did:
On Saturday, April 3, 20201, @ 6:06 pm, I received a ride request that stated the the rider was less than two miles away and that the ride would be a “45 min +” ride.

I usually eat dinner @ 6:30 pm, but I thought that if the ride is no more than 60 minutes, then waiting until 7:15 pm would be ok. So I accepted the ride.

The rider, as it turns out, was almost five miles away, but even worse, the ride wasn’t a “45 min +” plus ride, it was a “90 min +” ride, as I drove from Atlanta, GA to Macon GA, which was 100 miles one way.

Uber knew exactly how far the ride was, because it’s their app and they issued the ride. The intentionally lied to me so that I, or whoever accepted the ride, would more than likely say yes to the ride. Had Uber told the truth upfront about the ride, then no one would’ve accepted the ride, because it’s 100 miles one way, which means that the 100 miles coming back is out of my pocket.

The only way that anyone would’ve accepted that ride is if they were already in Atlanta, and by some sort of divine inception, they were heading to Macon, which makes that drive a money drive. But we don’t know where we are going until we start the ride, but Uber does.

I have talked to Uber three times and I have emailed them eight times and have gotten nowhere. Each time I talk to someone it’s a different person and I have to tell my story over again. Each time I email someone I get a different person and I have to tell my story over again. They are intentionally deflecting the matter, because they can, because they want to *****! with me, or a combination of both.

I made $79.44 off of that ride. I put $40 in gas for that ride. That ride cost me four hours of my life roundtrip and I didn’t get to eat until 8:30 pm.

All Uber has to do is pay me another $79.44 for the ride back and we are good. If they don’t then I will sue them for said amount and an additional $9,920.54 for fraud, intentional emotional abuse and harassment.

Submitted by: Anonymous Uber customer in Atlanta | Read more Uber complaints

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