Airbnb Bad Customer Support

Airbnb Bad Customer Support

What Airbnb did:
In February 2021, my wife and 4 year old daughter daughter went to Florida without me. We chose a beautiful Airbnb for them to go to after arriving. This is the first time our family travels by air since the pandemic, and we were nervous about it but it all went well. Until they arrived to the Airbnb we rented.

Upon arriving, my wife calls me and tells me that it is inhabitable. She found it VERY different than the photos. The issues were many:
-it wasn’t cleaned
-the couch had holes in it and dirty/stained
-hot water did not work
-there were exposed wires hanging out of smoke detectors and removed wall outlets
-there was trash in the back yard
-the kitchen table had actual holes in it.

My wife quickly contacted me, after she had called the host. The host quickly agreed to a full refund, mentioning that she was at the time in the hospital with COVID and that she has not been able to check the apartment in a while. Telling us the last time she was there was just before she went to the hospital — therefore the apartment possibly even being infected, just to top it all off!

So now, I’m in NYC panicking and stressed about the safety of my family, now stranded in Florida with no place to sleep.

I called Airbnb, provided them with photos, and full evidence. The host admitted to all of it, and Airbnb agreed it was uninhabitable. They tried to find a replacement but everything was booked up.

-Refund full amount to me AS AIRBNB CREDIT
-A $200 voucher that MUST BE USED within a few weeks on a stay of the SAME value or more ONLY

My trust in Airbnb shattered for providing such accommodations, I told them that I do not want credit nor a voucher as I am not sure I trust them, at least not until post-pandemic.

Here is what they told me:
-We will change your voucher to expire in 6 months, with a lower minimum spend
-It must be credit as the stay was purchased with gift cards (my wife bought me gift cards as a present to use for our vacation)

So, that’s where it ended. I had to book accommodations elsewhere. I’m out of pocket now, still paying down the debt of about $3,000 that I had to spend elsewhere, with my money locked up in Aribnb Credit.

It’s really not fair.

Hoping you can help.

Salvatore, Martha, and Marbella

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem?
An apology
A full refund in cash, not credit
Any sort of compensation for stress/anxiety/endangerment of safety

How would you rate your experience with Airbnb?
⭐️ (1/5 stars)

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