Santander Consumer USA Lied About the Price

Santander Consumer USA Lied About the Price

What Santander Consumer USA did:
The Ohio Bankruptcy Court reduced my 2016 Buick Verona car to the current value of $11,000 vs the $22,830.58 Santanda was trying to say I still owed. I paid Santanda $15,800 on my loan which was the original loan $24,750.18, plus 16.72% interest 39,364.56 + $1000.00 total cost of the car $40,364.56. now, Santanda is trying to repossess my car again since the bankruptcy has ended. they keep calling and threatening and harassing. I need to schedule an arbitration with them so they can leave me alone. how do I settle this?

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Arbitration to settle this case

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